Entrepreneurship workshops for students at your school

We teach school students how to identify problems, build solutions and grow a business.

We teach school students how to identify problems, build solutions and grow businesses.

100% Free for Australian Schools
Joey Moshinsky - Presenting in 2022
Discussing Tutero on Disrupt Radio

I'm Joey, one of the co-founders of Tutero.

Since launching in 2021, we've grown our team to 340 tutors and team members. This year, educators will deliver 100,000 lessons using our technology.

We're passionate about inspiring entrepreneurship amongst young people and have decided to establish this free program for Australian schools.

We're offering a few places to new schools each year, scroll down to learn more.

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“Joey’s presentation to our Wesley students was a big success. His engaging session left my classes excited about entrepreneurship and buzzing with ideas.”

Anthony Zapris — Head of Business Studies Faculty at Wesley College

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What is covered in each presentation?

One 60 minute presentation that covers three topics.

Identifying a Problem

Ideas for products start with the identification of a problem.

Creating a Solution

The process for scoping, building and testing products.

Growing a Business

Everything from marketing, recruitment and operations.

What will students learn?

Students leave each session excited about technology, startups and problem-solving.

The Innovation Process

Students learn about the value of finding a problem, collecting user feedback and iterating development.

Building a Startup

We cover the process of acquiring customers, building a team and raising investment.

The Value of STEM

Students learn the importance of engineering, and how high school studies form the foundation for success.

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What is the Tutero Innovators program?

The Tutero Innovators program is a free initiative designed to empower school students by cultivating their problem-solving abilities, fostering creative solutions, and nurturing their entrepreneurial aspirations.

What topics are covered in the workshops?

The workshop teaches students about the process of creating a startup, encompassing key stages from identifying problems to securing funding. It also delves into the significance of science and maths, emphasising how these subjects lay a foundation for success.

Why are these sessions free?

We strongly believe in fostering entrepreneurship among young individuals and are delighted to offer this workshop for free, aiming to make this valuable education accessible to as many students as possible.

Are the presentations interactive & engaging?

Yes, the presentation includes problem identification, solution development, and business creation, enriched by case studies, examples, and insights from my experience and numerous other founders.

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Tutero Innovators is running six workshops each year, and currently has one more place for Term 4 2023.

We run ten workshops each year, and currently have two more places for Semester 1 2024.

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