Personalised 1-on-1 tutoring that builds a foundation for success

Tutero offers leading 1-on-1 online tutoring. Our tutors help students become more confident learners with improved grades.

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Are you hoping for success at school?

If you are looking for excellent tutoring at an affordable price, we can help. At Tutero, we have a team of highly qualified tutors, unique diagnostic testing tools, and online resources mapped to the Australian curriculum.

We’ve spent years developing a tutoring system specifically designed to help Australian students. Imagine the relief when learning feels easy and school becomes enjoyable.

How Tutero works

Step 1
We will pair your child with a compatible tutor
You can be confident that we will find the right tutor for your child's personality and learning style.
Step 2
Your child meets their tutor in a free trial lesson
This will provide an opportunity to ensure your child is happy and comfortable with their tutor.
Step 3
Their tutor will help develop skills and knowledge to achieve any academic goal
Each session will be focused on your child's specific needs, helping them navigate the curriculum.  
Step 4
Watch as your child's grades and confidence improve
Teachers and classmates will be impressed as they start to answer difficult questions and boost their grades.

Are you a student?

This is why you will love Tutero

You will understand content from class

Your notes will be clear and your participation will increase.  

All questions will be answered and explained

Lessons are private and ‘silly’ questions are encouraged.

Your knowledge and skills will be extended

This will give you confidence in your own ability at school.

You will learn techniques to ace assessments

You will boost your grades and reach your full potential.

Are you a parent?

This is why you will love Tutero

Our tutors are excellent

Tutors complete a multi-step recruitment process with a 5% acceptance rate.

You can stop worrying about learning gaps

Our custom software helps tutors pinpoint and repair missing skills.

There is no traffic or parking stress

Online lessons fit easily into busy schedules.

Tutero is designed to be affordable

Lessons are affordable so tutoring is sustainable.

Students from Australia’s top-performing schools choose Tutero

Frequently asked questions

Who will tutor my child?

Your child will be matched with a compatible tutor from the Tutero team. We only accept 5% of tutors and verify ID, WWCC and the completion of extensive training.

Will my child struggle with online tutoring?

Unlike online school, face-to-face tutoring will keep your child engaged and motivated. Our tutors utilise interactive learning activities to ensure students are focused and enjoy each lesson.

Why does Tutero only offer online tutoring?

Online tutoring allows us to match students with tutors who have compatible personalities and teaching styles, not just an available tutor that lives close by.

Are there lock-in contracts?

You will not commit to any contracts or pre-payments, meaning you can stop tutoring at anytime with no cancellation fees.

When do lessons occur?

To ensure tutoring works around your busy schedule, you choose the day and time that lessons will occur.

We love numbers

1700+ hours
of tutoring in 2022 alone
active students across Aus
tutor acceptance rate
qualified tutors in the team

Australian families love Tutero

We create the perfect tutoring experience

Lesson reports after each lesson

Monitor outcomes and celebrate your child’s progress.

Custom learning resources

Tutors use diagnostic tests to identify gaps and teach in the optimal order.

Homework setting and tracking

Tutors can set homework between sessions to reinforce concepts (optional).

Ready to make school easier?

Our Term 2 offer for new students...
Free 60-minute trial lesson
Expert tutor pairing
Personalised learning goals
Access to 10,000+ resources

Who is the tutoring for?

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