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Your experience with Tutero

This is an image of the sign-up form that tutors use to apply to the Tutero tutoring company.

Complete a simple online application

The application will take about five minutes to complete

The top applicants will be invited to complete a video interview with a member of the Tutero team

If you are accepted to join Tutero, you will receive an invite to your personal tutor portal and the Tutero community channels

The pop-up form where tutors add information about their high school to their Tutero tutoring profile. This allows parents to see information about the academic background of the tutor.

Build your profile and complete training

Create a personal profile using the Tutero software

You can select preferences for subjects and year levels

We will also provide several training modules covering teaching techniques and using the Tutero software

This is a photo of the personal profile that Tutero tutors create on their digital tutoring portal.

We will pair you with students for your chosen subjects

You will be matched with students from across Australia

These students will be paired with you based on the teaching style and hobbies that you list on your profile

This is a photo of the tutor portal on the Tutero digital tutoring platform. The photo shows the manage students page where tutors manage all of their personal tutoring engagements.

Manage your students, schedule and payments from a single dashboard

Tutero makes it extremely easy to manage all of your tutoring admin

A team of learning advisors will be able to assist you at all times

You will also access a range of Tutero's custom teaching resources to ensure every lesson maximises student learning

Join 100+ Australian tutors working in the Tutero team

Help students across Australia

You will make a lasting impact on your student’s education

Flexible around your life

You will have control over your schedule. Sessions are completed online, so you can work from anywhere.

Join a supportive community

We provide you detailed training before you start teaching. You will access targeted learning materials to use during lessons.

Our software and team will save you time

We find you students, manage payments, customer support, and everything else behind the scenes.

Hear from our tutors

“Tutero empowers its educators”
Working with Tutero has been a true privilege from the start. I love the care that goes into matching every student with a compatible tutor and the generosity of spirit that flows through the entire team. Tutero empowers its educators and is powerful for it.
Emma Hagen
46 lessons with Tutero
“Tutero’s online platform is great for measuring your student’s progress”
Tutero's online platform is great for measuring your student's progress and identifying where their strengths are. It gives you an easy understanding of the scope of what your lessons should focus on and makes.
Oscar Nyholm
41 lessons with Tutero
“Effective, straightforward and really fun!“
Using the Tutero platform has made teaching and learning effective, straight forward and really fun! It has allowed me to tailor my teaching to each individual and provides me with valuable feedback with how my students are progressing.
Dulani Sooriyaaratchi
94 lessons with Tutero
“A great help for structuring lessons”
I've found Tutero's teaching resources to be a great help for structuring lessons and mapping students' progress. The team also has a great communication system in place that makes seekingsupport or clarification easy.
Asha Gatland
60 lessons with Tutero
“A user-friendly tutoring platform”
Tutero provides tutors with a user-friendly tutoring platform to organise tutoring sessions and connect with both students andparents. Because the majority of admin work is taken care of for tutors, we can focus our efforts on lesson preparation and execution.
Migi Daveney
49 lessons with Tutero
Students from Australia’s top-performing schools choose Tutero

Before you apply, read this...

Tutors are typically university students or teachers.
Each week you will tutor 15-20 hours across 4+ days.
You must be available to tutor every week of the school year.
You must intend to tutor with Tutero for at least 18 months.
You need a computer, webcam and high-speed internet.
We care about working with kind and caring people.

Frequently asked questions

How much will I earn with Tutero?

We will recommend you a price between $50 - $70 for each hour of tutoring. This recommendation will be based on your experience, and the subjects that you tutor. This recommendation may change over time.

Of the price, Tutero will take a commission between 34% - 44%, depending on your experience working with us. This is used to fund marketing, technology development and customer support.

What experience is required to tutor with Tutero?

We accept applications from anyone who is passionate about education.

Previous experience as a tutor may enhance your profile in the eyes of parents and prospective students, however, we are equally welcoming of applicants who are looking to work as a tutor for the first time.

How will I be matched with students?

Our goal is to match students with the tutors who are best placed to unlock their full potential.This means that we seek to understand a student’s academic goals, how they learn best, their learning preferences and their budget, before recommending a tutor who best suits their needs.

Our system has also been designed to reward terrific tutoring by recommending our top performing tutors more frequently.

What training will I receive before starting?

We provide several training modules that are accessible from your tutor portal.

These modules cover content related to the tutoring platform, the Tutero software and other tips for creating the most successful tutoring engagements.

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